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Agosto A. Wilkerson

Google DeepMind C.E.O. Demis Hassabis on the Path From Chatbots to A.G.I.

Listen and follow ‘Hard Fork’Apple | Spotify | Amazon | YouTube This week’s episode is a conversation with Demis Hassabis, the head of Google’s artificial intelligence division. We talk about Google’s latest A.I. models, Gemini and Gemma; the existential risks of artificial intelligence; his timelines for artificial general intelligence; and what he thinks the world…

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Inside the Funding Frenzy at Anthropic, One of A.I.’s Hottest Start-Ups

Last May, Anthropic, one of the world’s hottest artificial intelligence start-ups, raised $450 million from investors including Google and Salesforce. It was the beginning of an astonishing funding spree. By August, Anthropic had landed $100 million from two Asian telecoms. Then Amazon committed $4 billion to it, followed by $2 billion more from Google. This…

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‘Most Wanted’ Man Pleads Guilty in Cyberattack That Upended Vermont Hospital

A Ukrainian man pleaded guilty in federal court on Thursday to his leadership role in two cyberattack schemes that caused tens of millions of dollars in losses and temporarily crippled a Vermont hospital in 2020, according to the Justice Department. Prosecutors said that Vyacheslav Igorevich Penchukov, 37, was a leader for an organization that in…

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MindFit: discover how to improve mental and emotional wellbeing in your company

In the fast-paced world we live in today, employees from all industries are facing challenges with stress, exhaustion, apprehension, and despondency. As a result, businesses are experiencing decreased productivity when their staff members are not mentally well. In this particular context, the emergence of the innovative MindFit platform, which aims to enhance corporate well-being, foster…

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